Kent Higginbotham knows wine country.

Kent grew up in Napa; his father worked for a local Savings and Loan (famously having once refused Robert Mondavi’s request for a loan for his new winery!). Having worked at a whole host of resorts, restaurants, and wineries throughout the valley, Kent turned in 2010 to becoming a professional chauffeur and tour guide. He has the inside track to many of the gems of wine country, both big and small. His keen palate can help you find and secure true trophies for your cellar. He can give you the insider’s review of that famous restaurant you’ve been thinking of trying. And if you have, say, the sudden urge for a gourmet taco at lunch? Kent knows just where to take you for that too.

Kent is known as “unflappable,” with a pleasant and dedicated customer service approach that has converted many a client from customer to friend.

In 2013, Kent found himself with so many bookings that he was having to turn away valued return customers. Enter Laurie Butin, a long-time friend of Kent’s (from Napa High School days!). Born in Los Angeles, raised in Napa, and with a degree in TV/Radio communications from San Francisco State, Laurie has amassed an extensive resume of experience throughout the Napa Valley, including stints at Silverado Country Club and Resort, Domaine Chandon, and as a radio personality on our local KVYN. Charismatic and dedicated, Laurie was initially enlisted just to drive when Kent wasn’t available. But Laurie quickly created her own glowing reviews and loyal clients, and a second Mercedes was purchased to handle the bookings. Friendly and detail oriented, Laurie embodies the Squire Livery ethos of making your trip easy, luxurious, and special.

And if Kent and Laurie aren’t available, we have -over the years- developed a small cadre of skilled and experienced part-time guides, including Kent’s wife Hollie, long time Napa Friends Jen and David, that can give you the level of service for which Squire Livery has become known.  Kent and you will discuss your guide, as needed, when you call or email for a reservation.

Our primary chariots for your time in wine country are 9-passenger Chevrolet Suburbans, with the capacity to hold up to 8 guests.  With leather seats and a spacious interior, it has a feel of luxury whether you are 2 guests or 8.  Add a person up front, and six visitors, you can tour quite comfortably.  However, if you are willing to get slightly cozy, the middle seat can fold down to accommodate 8 passengers.  Our suburbans are set up with bluetooth capability, along with XM Radio, for cruising tunes while touring around wine country.


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